Olive wood in Tunisia

In Tunisia, over than 30% of cultivated land is dedicated to olive growing. With 1.68 million ha of olive trees, this beautiful country is considered the most important olive-growing country of the southern Mediterranean region.  Tunisian olive trees are praised around the world for their delicious fruit and oil. Also,  Tunisian olive wood has capture the attention of wood fans in several fields: decor, table art, kitchen, fashion accessories
In fact, Olive trees grow in an irregular way. A large number of side branches twist the trunk in many directions. That’s why; the majority of olive wood extracted from grown trees is cut into smaller pieces. During cutting, olive wood has a distinct and fruity scent usually remains present in the finished product for several years.

Olive Wood uses

Having a  olive wood product offers you a touching experience: smell remember you the rustic ambiance and special design coming from hard, heavy, dense and very strong wood. For a party, romance meeting or just to decorate your kitchen with several olive wood utensils… you can use many nice handcrafted items: salad bowl, cutting board, egg holder, nutcracker…

Visually,  olive wood is very famous all around the world for its consistent texture and grain. Also, it is strikingly rich and it has a nice colorful appearance. Oleacraft use this nice wood for the creation of beautiful indoor objects and furniture.

decoration olive wood items
In kitchen, olive wood have  successful uses! 100% natural and free chemical, your food is always safe and healthy. Furthermore, olive wood can suit every type of kitchen and offer it a nice touch of design.

But do you know also that ladies can use olive wood to look fashionable, trendy and elegant using handcrafted olive wood accessories like hair pins, olive wood earrings, comb and rings.

hair pins


This type of material offers us a natural touch especially in a world full of artificial products!