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Olive wood handmade

Oleacraft is a Tunisian Olive wood handmade company with very high quality standards that reflect a know-how transmitted from father to son through time.
40 years of experience through which we learned that patience and devotion are the only key to make masterpieces from one of the most difficult wood types due to its hardness and the shape of its fibers often knotty. Oleacraft products are carefully handmade.


From ancient Greece to the present day, the olive tree has often been a symbol of victory, peace and wealth. Oléa europaea in the Mediterranean region and especially in Tunisia is known worldwide for the quality of its fibers perfectly adapted to make large olive wood products such as salad bowls, tables, wood vase,  candle holder and cutting boards.


Our craftsmen are will offer you the best pieces of olive wood with details that tend towards perfection. The drying process lasting from 3 to 5 years allows each item to be accompanied and perfected after each step of the process.

Team OleaCraft

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Ahmed Chaari

Sales Manager
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Ismail Chaari

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Logistics Manager
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